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I mean to wrestle several years' worth of unfinished material into shape for release in a numbered, limited edition CD package. The purpose of this blog is to post demos and fragments for feedback, as a means of motivating me to continue the work. Anyone providing comments I find useful will be entitled to a personalised copy of the finished product at cost.

Friday, 5 October 2007

eurosynth nonsense

I realise this doesn't have the most exciting structure in the world, but I liked it enough to experiment with different arrangements. It will definitely feature in some form, although a computer crash means it'll have to be completely re-recorded, which is unfortunate as the guitar parts in the fadeout are difficult!

heroic monotony

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Anonymous said...

This never hit Google before, certainly. Don't know what changed.

Would've commented like billyoh, of course.

I wish I could discuss musical structure literately and not just emotional response. Sadly, you'll get nothing of value from me.

Will save them all.