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I mean to wrestle several years' worth of unfinished material into shape for release in a numbered, limited edition CD package. The purpose of this blog is to post demos and fragments for feedback, as a means of motivating me to continue the work. Anyone providing comments I find useful will be entitled to a personalised copy of the finished product at cost.

Friday, 5 October 2007

oldest one yet

I remember mangling a sampled drum machine part from a commercially-available CD for this, but little else about the recording apart from the fact that all guitar effects are courtesy of a Yamaha REX-100. A special prize to anyone who guesses the original track! I'm particularly interested in identification of other songs I'm inadvertently plagiarising, although I'm conscious here of marrying Goblin's "Profondo Rosso" and a quaaluded take on Killing Joke's "Change". I don't think anyone will notice.

histrionic churning

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The guitars are mixed way too loud!
The drum rhythms are too repetitive!
(these comments apply to all the tracks i've heard at this site.)

definitely an unpleasant listening experience