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I mean to wrestle several years' worth of unfinished material into shape for release in a numbered, limited edition CD package. The purpose of this blog is to post demos and fragments for feedback, as a means of motivating me to continue the work. Anyone providing comments I find useful will be entitled to a personalised copy of the finished product at cost.

Friday, 5 October 2007

MOR extravaganza

This one resulted from my testing out a Yamaha keyboard bought as a present. It was a PSR-290, featuring a huge range of disturbingly bland auto-accompaniments, and clearly I needed to check that everything worked before wrapping it up! I wanted the fragment to sound as anodyne and Claydermanesque as possible, as it will segue into a particularly aggressive guitar piece - it will, however, be a shame to lose the cheesy outro.

muzak for narcoleptics

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